All sermons are by Rev. Dr. James E. Hightower, Jr. unless otherwise noted.

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02-04-2018  The True Purpose of Healing
     Children’s Sermon:
01-28-2018  What Do We Do About Demons?
     Children’s Sermon:
01-21-2018  A Sermon About Sermons
     Children’s Sermon:
01-14-2018  Where Do Assumptions Get You?
     Children’s Sermon:  Little Unknown Places That Great Things Have Come From
01-07-2018  The Gift of Our Baptism
     Children’s Sermon:  Baptism and Pleasing God


12-31-2017  Doing the Word
     Children’s Sermon:  Staying “plugged-in” to God
12-24-2017 (Christmas Eve Candlelight)  Born In Us!
12-24-2017 (am) What Do We Know About Mary?
     Children’s Sermon:  Mary and the Angel
12-17-2017  When God Becomes Tangible?
12-10-2017  John the Baptizer
     Children’s Sermon:  Happiness in Helping Others
12-03-2017  Hanging the Greens & Boy Does It Get Dark Fast!
     Children’s Sermon:  Candy Canes
11-26-2017  Who Rules You?
     Children’s Sermon:  Jesus: King and Servant
11-19-2017  How Much Is Too Much?
     Children’s Sermon:  Happiness in Helping Others
11-12-2017  Newness of Life
     Children’s Sermon:  Forgiveness
11-05-2017  The Hope That Endures
     Children’s Sermon:  Who Has God’s Love?
10-29-2017  Love, the Only Thing That Matters
     Children’s Sermon:  Who Do You Love?
10-22-2017  Are You Interested in Religion or Applied Christianity? (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  God Is Greater Than Any Storm
10-15-2017  The Ten Suggestions?? (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  Following the Rules
10-08-2017  Closed for Hurricane Nate
10-01-2017  Biblical Trick or Treat Questions (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  Doing Before You Are Asked
09-24-2017  Living in a Culture of Confusion (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  Finding Your Way When You Are Lost
09-17-2017  The Road Less Traveled: Non-judgment (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  Growing Up and Avoiding Evil
09-10-2017  Storms (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  Understanding Those With Disabilities
09-03-2017  Traveling Mercies
     Children’s Sermon:  People Helping People
08-27-2017  Rhetorical Questions
     Children’s Sermon:  Every Single Person Is Important
08-20-2017  Hoping
     Children’s Sermon:  Loving Even When You Are Angry
08-13-2017  How Would You Know Jesus?
     Children’s Sermon:  Faith That Jesus Will Keep You Safe
08-06-2017  The Big Banquet
     Children’s Sermon:  Being Generous
07-30-2017  The Work of the Baker Woman
     Children’s Sermon:  Adding Yeast to Your Life
07-23-2017  When Forgiveness Seems Impossible (Rev. Chas Jones)
     Children’s Sermon:  John 15:5 “I am the vine and you are the branches.”
07-16-2017  I Believe God is Still Speaking (Rev. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon:  The Lord’s Prayer
07-09-2017  Come Unto Me – For My Burden Is Easy
     Children’s Sermon:  Jesus Is My Comforter
07-02-2017  The Stranger at the Door (Transcript only, audio unavailable)
     Children’s Sermon:  Inside & Outside People
06-25-2017  Are You a Contender? (Rev. Chas Jones)
     Children’s Sermon:  God Loves You and We Love Each Other
06-18-2017  Why Sing?
     Children’s Sermon:  Make a Joyful Noise
06-11-2017  Why Do We Go to Church?
     Children’s Sermon:  Your Church Family
06-04-2017  Fire Rested on Each of Them
     Children’s Sermon:  Pentecost, the Church’s Birthday
05-28-2017  Correct, But Not Right (Rev. Dr. Dwight Ramsey)
     Children’s Sermon: Trapped By Greed
05-21-2017  Knowing You Are Loved
     Children’s Sermon:  Helpers in Our Lives
05-14-2017  Break Down or Reach Up?
     Children’s Sermon:  Following Directions
05-07-2017  The Door
     Children’s Sermon:  The Order of Worship
04-30-2017  Our Emmaus Road
     Children’s Sermon:  Objects that remind us of departed loved ones
04-23-2017  Seeing is Believing
     Children’s Sermon:  Blind Faith vs Seeing is Believing
04-16-2017  A Wild Grace
     Children’s Sermon:  Alleluia!
04-09-2017  A King on a Donkey…A God on a Cross
04-02-2017  The Father of Isaac
     Children’s Sermon:  The Pastor’s Job
03-26-2017  The Shepherd’s Psalm
     Children’s Sermon:  Shepherds
03-19-2017  The First Preacher: A Woman
     Children’s Sermon: Living Water
03-12-2017  For God So Loved the World
03-05-2017  Skill, Trust and Power
02-26-2017  Previews
02-19-2017  The Righteousness of the Christian Life
02-12-2017  Community Living
02-05-2017  God Flavors and God Colors
01-29-2017  Meek but Hardly Timid (The Beatitudes)
01-22-2017  Searching For What Matters
01-15-2017  Behold the Lamb of God
01-08-2017  Miraculous Baptism
01-01-2017  A Time to Start Over


12-25-2016  Joseph and Us
12-24-2016  Home for Christmas
12-18-2016  First Love
12-11-2016  Lessons & Carols
12-04-2016  The Fruit and the Fires (God’s Love)
11-27-2016  Hanging of the Greens
11-20-2016  Choosing Gratitude
11-13-2016  Giving Your Best
11-06-2016  Seven Weddings and a Resurrection
10-30-2016  Eating and Drinking Among the Lost
10-23-2016  I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel! (Rev. Chas Jones)
10-16-2016  Making a New Covenant
10-09-2016  Remembering to Give Thanks
10-02-2016  One Bread, One Body
09-25-2016  Dying into Life
09-18-2016  In the Back Room
09-11-2016  Being Striped Human Beings
09-04-2016  Finding Forgiveness
08-28-2016  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
08-21-2016  Set Free!
08-14-2016  Reading the Clouds
08-07-2016  Prince or Pauper?
07-31-2016  Greed’s Siren Call
07-24-2016  Why is Jesus Coming Again? (Rev. Chas Jones)
07-17-2016  The Mystery of Godliness (Rev. Chas Jones)
07-10-2016  The Good Samaritan